My name is Jeremy Logan.
I am a software engineer, tinkerer, and DIYer.
I currently live outside Springville, Alabama.

Software Engineer

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer for Crowdstrike working on Infrastructure Automation. Before that, I was a Senior Developer for Modern Teacher and the Services & Api Director for Tango Card, Inc.

As of this writing, my reputation on Stack Overflow ranks me in the top 0.67% of all contributors. I don't devote a lot of time to it, I just ask/answer hard/popular problems.


I tinker with all sorts of things. Home automation (some custom built components), custom built electronics (even etching boards), using Raspberry Pis to do stupid things (like building my own sous-vide cooker with a crockpot, a raspberry pi, a beefy relay, a temperature sensor, and a bunch of Python), etc.

These projects generally have no practical applications, I just enjoy the learning process.


I like to DIY things whereever possible or interesting. Things like home maintenance (I'm not affraid of electricity or plumbing), building my own modern home security system (with cameras), building furniture, and anything that gives me an excuse to break out my welder.

My current favorite long-term project is building an airplane from scratch (as in, cutting/forming raw aluminum, not just assembling parts).